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News article27 April 2023Directorate-General for Environment1 min read

New 2023 EMAS Guidance

EMAS 2023

The ‘Guidance 2023 - How to address biodiversity protection through environmental management systems’ is a comprehensive document that provides detailed guidance to businesses on managing biodiversity aspects within the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The guidance is process-oriented and covers a wide range of topics, including company premises, purchasing and supply chains, product development, transport and logistics, marketing and communication, and legal compliance related to biodiversity. It is intended for companies of all sizes and sectors with environmental or sustainability management systems, with a particular emphasis on EMAS-validated companies.

It highlights the importance of considering biodiversity in business operations and provides practical information on the aims, measures, and key data relevant to biodiversity management, emphasizing the need to avoid and reduce negative impacts on biological diversity, while also promoting measures to enhance positive influences. The document is based on the expertise of the Global Nature Fund (GNF) and the Lake Constance Foundation (LCF), both partners of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign, and has been developed with the support of the German Ministry for the Environment and the European Commission (Directorate General Environment and the Joint Research Centre).

By providing specific and actionable elements for identifying and managing impacts on biodiversity, this guidance aims to help companies effectively integrate biodiversity considerations into their environmental management systems, complementing the overall management and reporting features of EMAS. It serves as a valuable resource for companies seeking to improve their biodiversity management practices and contribute to biodiversity protection efforts in line with EU strategies, international conventions, and voluntary commitments. The guidance also includes practical tools, sources, and links to further support companies in implementing effective biodiversity management measures.

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Publication date
27 April 2023
Directorate-General for Environment