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Green Business
Environmental Footprint Methods

Calculating products' and services' impact on the environment

  • Businesses

    Environmental Footprint methods provide businesses with tools to assess, quantify, communicate and reduce the environmental impacts of their products or of the organisations.

    Learn how to apply the Environmental Footprint methods to your business

  • Consumers

    When businesses adopt harmonised, reliable, and transparent approaches  to calculate the environmental performance, and effectively communicate about it, consumers can make informed choices, contributing to the development of more sustainable and responsible consumption patterns.

    Download the environmental footprint methods infographic

  • Policy Makers

    Policy makers can use the Environmental Footprint methods to analyse and design policies in a more systemic way, understanding environmental hotspots and possible trade-offs across value chains and impact categories.

  • Researchers

    Researchers can use Environmental Footprint methods to conduct life cycle assessment studies in a more harmonised way. For instance, these methods can be used to support development of sustainable technologies or improve the production and consumption systems.

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