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EMAS - Tools

This page provides you with information on all the available tools and guidelines about EMAS.

EMAS User Guide

The EMAS User Guide, developed in 2013 and latest updated in 2023, is a user-oriented tool that translates the EMAS Regulation into practical steps. It gives clear, simple advice for interested organisations, by outlining the main elements and actions for participating in the scheme.


EMAS Global Guide

With the EMAS Global mechanism, EMAS is available worldwide. This is particularly useful for multinational organisations that wish to implement a unified environmental management system throughout their sites within and outside of Europe. 

To answer your initial questions on the EMAS Global registration process check out the EMAS Global Factsheet.

For detailed information on EMAS Global, the European Commission has published an official EMAS Global guide (legislative text).

If you are looking for a verifier accredited in your country, please have a look at our EMAS in your country section, and for more questions on EMAS Global, you can contact your national Competent Body.

EMAS Implementation Tools

To facilitate EMAS implementation, especially for small and medium-sized organisations, the EMAS Helpdesk has created four pilot tools plus an instruction manual. They are meant to help during the implementation process. 

Note: Some regional governments and organisations have developed their own EMAS implementation tools. For example, the city of Barcelona and the EMAS Club Catalonia, and the Bavarian Environment Ministry in Germany have each developed a toolkit. Contact your Competent Body to find out if there are tools available in your language!

EMAS Toolkit Instruction manual

  • Step-by-step instructions and examples for effective use of the EMAS implementation toolkit
  • Purpose and benefits of EMAS
  • Practical guidance on each tool

Organisational information tool

  • Gather all important information about your organisation in one place
  • Use this tool as a reference for the other tools

Environmental aspects tool

  • Identify and assess the environmental aspects and impacts of your organisation
  • Determine the most significant ones

Environmental responsibilities tool

  • Select the people in your organisation who are responsible for different aspects of the EMS

Data collection tool

  • Receive guidance for collecting the environmental data needed for your EMS
  • Easily convert units and generate indicators for your environmental statement 

Please save the files in the same place on your computer so that the automatic links between the tools will work. If you have any questions, please contact the EMAS Helpdesk.


Simplifying EMAS registration for small businesses:

  • EMAS Easy recognises the need for regular environmental management and addresses the barriers faced by small businesses, such as cost, bureaucracy, resources, and knowledge. 
  • It also supports the implementation of EMS in SME groups, with consultant assistance, encouraging collaboration among local authorities, chambers of commerce, and industrial associations. 
  • With tailored tools and simplified processes, EMAS Easy enables SMEs to effectively manage their environmental impact and meet the expectations of customers and society.

EMAS Communication Toolkit

The main objective of EMAS is to facilitate sustainable transformation. Effective outward communication is key to engaging stakeholders and inspiring others. The EMAS Communication Toolkit addresses all EMAS registered organisations. It provides:

  • Resources for social media campaigns, events, and more
  • Social Media Banners, Posters, E-Mail signatures, visual PowerPoint templates, and Adobe InDesign Files
  • User-friendly and customisable materials to cater to different levels of graphic design experience.