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Green Business
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Green Public Procurement

Procuring goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

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Find out about voluntary criteria, green public procurement requirements in sectoral legislation and the process for setting criteria.

What is Green Public Procurement?


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Interview with Joosep Vimm

Tallinn Deputy Mayor since 2021. Mr. Vimm is responsible for business, tourism, innovation and circular economy. During the interview he talks about Tallinn EU Green Capital 2023 and green public procurement.

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Assessment of reuse in public procurement

On 8 April 2022, Spain passed a new law (Law 7/2022) on waste and contaminated soil for a circular economy. The legislation sets ambitious objectives and mandates a progressive increase in preparation for the reuse and recycling of municipal waste. In order to review the current status of the state of introducing reuse in public procurement in Catalonia as well as identify best practices from across Europe, and as part of the SUBTRACT Interreg Europe project, the DG for Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Government of Catalonia has prepared an ‘Assessment of reuse in public procurement’

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Ireland: Framework agreement for period products

Irish Ministers of State recently published a new procurement framework that allows the public sector to easily procure period products and no-cost vending machines for use in public offices, buildings and facilities. This follows the Programme for Government’s commitment to tackle period poverty and endorses the recommendation to develop a coordinated approach to the procurement of period (menstrual) equality products. Public bodies who use the framework will absorb the costs of purchasing these products and can then offer the products free of charge in their bathrooms.

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Promoting gender equality through procurement

UNOPS recently published its report on Gender-responsive Public Procurement (2023) which demonstrates how the organisation integrates gender-sensitive procurement into its activities, presents case studies and provides recommendations on how governments can better include women-owned businesses in the procurement processes.
The report shows how gender equality considerations can be integrated into procurement policies and processes, pointing out that more effective public spending can also tackle social inequalities. It also recommends 5 steps to ensure the successful implementation of GRP.

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