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EMAS - Facts and Figures

EMAS key figures as per June 2024

4082 organisations and 13336 sites are EMAS-registered.

Organisations per country

as in June 2024.

Leading sectors

as in June 2024.

Organisation size as per October 2023

Micro: 0-9 employees, Small: 10-49 employees, Medium: 50-249 employees, Large: more than 250 employees.

Countries with the highest percentage increase in registration

compared to November 2023.

Download EMAS key figures infographic here:

EMAS Key facts and figures June 2024



EMAS register

The EMAS register, hosted by the European Commission, is an online database that lists all EMAS registered organisations and sites. It exclusively features organisations and sites that have successfully achieved EMAS registration, ensuring their dedication to improving environmental performance.

Key features of the register:

  1. Comprehensive: Find all EMAS registered organisations and sites in one place.
  2. User-friendly: Easily search and download results to Excel format.
  3. Sector-specific search: Filter registrations using NACE codes, which classify economic activities.
  4. Environmental statements: Access organisations' annual performance reports.
  5. Direct contact: Reach out to organisations for further information if their environmental statement is not available.

Note: the accuracy of the data provided in the Register is dependent on the information submitted by the individual EU Member States.

For more information on country-specific figures, please contact the national Competent Body

Access the EMAS register*

*Please note that you are now leaving the official EMAS website, as the EMAS register is part of another domain.