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European Business and Nature Summit 2023


Mieke Siebers
Mieke Siebers

Moderator and Master of Ceremonies

Executive Director Foundation for Sustainable Development

EBNS2023 Sinkevicius
Virginijus Sinkevičius

Commissioner for Environment, European Commission

EBNS2023 Denis
Gilles Denis

Professional adventurer, Climate physicist, and Co-founder of the Nanok expedition

EBNS2023 Florika
Florika Fink-Hooijer

Director General, DG Environment, European Commission

EBNS2023 Beolchini
Aldo Beolchini

CIO, NextEnergy Capital

EBNS2023 Carrozza
Maria Chiara Carrozza

President, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

EBNS2023 Elderson
Frank Elderson

Member of the Executive Board and Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board, European Central Bank

EBNS2023 Guerriero
Renato Guerriero

Deputy CEO, in charge of Global Development and Distribution, Candriam

EBNS2023 Illy
Andrea Illy

President, illycaffè S.p.A and co-Chair, Regenerative Society Foundation

EBNS2023 Jour-Schroeder
Alexandra Jour-Schroeder

Deputy Director General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission

EBNS2023 Melrose
Fiona Melrose

Head of Group Strategy and ESG, UniCredit

EBNS2023 Nava
Mario Nava

Director General for Structural Reform Support, European Commission

EBNS2023 Saugestad
Jan Erik Saugestad

CEO, Storebrand Asset Management

EBNS2023 Yafai
Noor Yafai-Stroband

Europe Director for Global Policy and Institutional Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy

EBNS2023 Zabey
Eva Zabey

CEO, Business for Nature

EBNS2023 de Oca
Dr. Maria de Oca

Global Sustainability Manager – Nature & Biodiversity, Henkel

EBNS2023 Saastamoinen
Salla Saastamoinen

Deputy Director-General for the Joint Research Centre, European Commission

EBNS2023 Pita
Elena Pita

Director of Biodiversity Foundation, Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge


EBNS2023 Adas
Clinton Adas

Global Stewardship Lead for Biodiversity, HSBC GAM

EBNS2023 Amato
Giulia Amato

Programme Coordinator, Etifor | Valuing Nature

EBNS2023 Ancochea
Alba Ancochea Díaz

Government Affairs & Sustainability, AstraZeneca

EBNS2023 Apps
Charlotte Apps

Sustainable Investing Analyst, Fidelity

EBNS2023 Asmundo
Alessandro Asmundo

Policy Officer, ItaSIF - Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile ETS

EBNS2023 Bor
Anne-Marie Bor

Development Director (FfB) and Lead Finance Workstream (B&B), Finance for Biodiversity Foundation and EU Business & Biodiversity Platform

EBNS2023 Broer
Wijnand Broer

Programme Manager, PBAF

EBNS2023 Canevarolo
Noemi Canevarolo

Project leader of Environmental Sector, Cariplo Foundation

EBNS2023 Fougeres
Dorian Fougères

Senior Nature Lead for Europe, CDP

EBNS2023 Goedicke
Romie Goedicke

Co-Head Nature, UNEP Finance Initiative

EBNS2023 Van Gool
Miriam Van Gool

Finance Sector Engagement Lead, Science-Based Target Network (SBTN)

EBNS2023 Hart
Stephen Hart

Invest EU Advisory Hub, EIB

EBNS2023 de Horde
Anita de Horde

Executive Director, Finance for Biodiveristy Foundation

EBNS2023 Pettenella
Davide Pettenella

Full professor at the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forests, University of Padova

EBNS2023 Leenders
Caroline van Leenders

Senior Policymaker Biodiversity and Finance, Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

EBNS2023 Leonardi
Alessandro Leonardi 

CEO, Etifor | Valuing Nature

EBNS2023 Kerai
Rashila Kerai

Senior Analyst and Biodiversity Specialist, Robeco

Jerome Kisielewicz
Jerome Kisielewicz

Lead Mainstreaming Workstream, EU Business & Biodiversity Platform and Director Sustainable Finance, ICF

EBNS2023 Kukuljan
Ingrid Kukuljan

Federated Hermes

EBNS2023 Mutis
Juliana Mutis

General Director and Founder, Minkadev

EBNS2023 Nozeman
Roel Nozeman

Program Director, PBAF

EBNS2023 Van Ooststroom
Fleur Van Ooststroom Brummel

Policy Officer, Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions, European Commission

EBNS2023 Pernice
Umberto Pernice

Project Partner, Umberto Pernice

EBNS2023 Poolen
Nicolas Poolen

Senior Manager, Finance Engagement, WWF

EBNS2023 Reuss
Isabel Reuss

Senior Climate and Social Advisor, ItaSIF - Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile ETS

EBNS McKerchar
Megan McKerchar, PHD

Science and Methods Manager, Cool Farm Alliance

EBNS2023 Norcini
Alessandra Norcini

Head of Unit Nature and Biodiversity, Lombardy Region

EBNS2023 Rodriguez
Sergio Rodríguez Pérez

Director of Sustainable Finance, Cajamar Cooperative Group

EBNS2023 Demitrijevic
Julie Dimitrijevic

Technical Specialist, Corporate Sustainability, Fauna&Flora

EBNS2023 Fiasconaro
Milo Fiasconaro

Executive Director, Aqua Publica Europea

EBNS2023 Galaup
Benoît Galaup

Head of Biodiversity, Finance, Sustainable IT, Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE)

EBNS2023 Lammerant
Johan Lammerant

Methods Workstream Lead, EU Business & Biodiversity Platform and Lead Expert Natural Capital and Biodiversity, Arcadis

EBNS2023 Dieleman
Wouter Dieleman

Sector Sprint Lead for Methods workstream, EU Business and Biodiversity Platform and Consultant Business & Biodiversity, Arcadis

EBNS2023 Brezza
Matteo Brezza

Senior Nature Lead for Europe, CDP

EBNS2023 Moorad
Julie Moorad

Senior Manager, Climate Action, Salesforce

EBNS2023 Moorad
Hing Kin Lee

Environmental Impact Manager, Next Energy Capital

EBNS2023 Ahonen
Salla Ahonen

Vice President, Sustainability, Neste

EBNS2023 Rondinella
Tommaso Rondinella

Head of Socio-Environmental Assessment and Impact Models Office, Gruppo Banca Etica

EBNS2023 Ruijs
Arjan Ruijs

Senior Responsible Investment Officer, Cardano Asset Management N.V.

EBNS2023 Iorio
Rossella Iorio

Head of ESG Service Excellence, UniCredit

EBNS2023 Romero
Felix Romero

Director of Master of Science in Green Economy, Next International Business School

EBNS2023 Capolongo
Laura Capolongo

Programme & Engagement Manager, UN Global Compact Network Italy

EBNS2023 Massarenti
Elena Massarenti

Supply chain specialist, Etifor | Valuing Nature

EBNS2023 Bussi
Isabella Bussi

Head of Group Sustainability, Fedrigoni Group

EBNS2023 Franklin
Hannah Franklin

Communications Lead, Global Canopy

EBNS2023 Mannessen
Petra Mannessen

Senior Sustainability Policy Advisor, Rabobank

EBNS2023 Singh
Deepshikha Singh

Deputy Head of Sustainable Investment Research & Head of Stewardship, La Française

EBNS2023 Gervassi
Pina Gervassi

Climate and Restoration Director, Forest Stewardship Council International

EBNS2023 Campredon
Arthur Campredon

Deputy Director Footprint Measurement, CDC Biodiversité

EBNS2023 Maenhout
Greet Dear Maenhout

Head of the Forests and Bioeconomy Unit (D1), EU Commmission Joint Research Centre

EBNS2023 Bedford
Jacob Bedford

Programme Officer - Nature Economy, UNEP - WCMC

EBNS2023 Grigg
Annelisa Grigg

Director, Global Balance

EBNS2023 Lok
Martin Lok

Executive Director, Capitals Coalition

EBNS2023 Najera
Isaac Najera Cuenca

Senior Manager, Global Discipline Lead, Environment, Repsol

EBNS2023 Paul-Bray
Christine Paul-Bray

Director, Climate and Nature Based Solutions, Idverde

EBNS2023 Esteban
Isabel Tomé Esteban

Head of Biodiversity & Natural Capital, Iberdrola

EBNS2023 Doeser
Bettina Doeser

Head of Unit for Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission

EBNS2023 Wildner
Tobias Wildner

Global Head of Sustainable Finance and Standard Setting, Value Balancing Alliance

EBNS2023 Verhelst
Jolien Verhelst

Consultant Biodiversity & Sustainability, Arcadis

EBNS2023 Rusman
Andrea Rusman

Food Transition Lead, Impact Institute

EBNS2023 McKenna
Tom McKenna

Senior Manager, Capitals Coalition

EBNS2023 Mino
Eric Mino

Head of service Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia and China, OiEau

EBNS2023 Rizzo
Anacleto Rizzo, PHD

Partner, IRIDRA

EBNS2023 Kolbe
Rachel Kolbe Semhoun

Chief Sustainability Officer, InVivo

EBNS2023 Pouliquen
Pierre-Yves Pouliquen

CSO, Veolia

EBNS2023 Eikeland
Inger Johanne Eikeland

SVP Environment, Health and Safety, Orkla ASA

EBNS2023 Karamat
Anna Karamat

Policy Officer Biodiversity and Business, European Commission

EBNS2023 Blanchard
Axelle Blanchard

Deputy Head of International Affairs, Financial Sector, French Treasury

EBNS2023 Pitto
Emanuele Pitto

Representative of the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment

EBNS2023 Flowers
Kevin Flowers

Deputy Head of Sustainable Finance Unit, European Commission

EBNS2023 Fontana
Gloria Fontana

Water & Biodiversity Specialist, Holcim

EBNS2023 Valentini
Alessandro Valentini

Sustainable Finance Specialist, World Economic Forum

EBNS2023 Snell
Wesley Snell

Senior Project Manager, Etifor

EBNS2023 Sanz
Frankie Rico Sanz

Scientific project manager - carbon offsetting and biodiversity, EDF

EBNS2023 Schwalber
Andrea Schwalber

Sustainability Manager, Nestlé Germany