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News article26 May 2023Directorate-General for Environment1 min read

Circular Procurement Transformation Guidance

For the last three and a half years, the ProCirc project has been piloting 30 projects and developing a common framework for circular procurement across the North Sea Region. As the project is coming to an end, the lessons learned and insights are captured in the recently published “Circular Procurement Transformation Guidance” - a guidance for public procurers on how to implement circular procurement practices. 

The guidance explains the concept of circular procurement and its potential to transform traditional linear supply chains into closed-loop systems. It emphasizes the importance of integrating circularity principles into every stage of the procurement process, from the needs assessment to contract management. The guidance is structured according to the steps of the circular procurement journey. The toolkit offers practical guidance on various aspects of circular procurement, including policy development, stakeholder engagement, and market analysis. It also provides case studies from the ProCirc project and beyond and best practices of circular procurement. It also highlights useful resources on circular procurement as training, other reports, and relevant tools. 

The guidance stresses the importance of collaboration between public authorities, businesses, and other stakeholders to drive the transition towards a circular economy. It outlines strategies for fostering partnerships and knowledge sharing, such as organizing workshops and networks. Additionally, the guidance addresses potential challenges and provides solutions for overcoming barriers to circular procurement, such as legal constraints and limited market availability of circular products and services.

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Publication date
26 May 2023
Directorate-General for Environment