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News article3 April 2023Directorate-General for Environment1 min read

Biodiversity Basics Webinar - Recording available!

Palle Knudsen Flowers
© Palle Knudsen, Unsplash

Biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth, and forms the foundation of our economy, and healthy and prosperous societies. It is critical to our well-being and livelihoods, and its dramatic decline currently poses the greatest systemic risks to our economy.

Following the momentum of the Kunming-Montreal GBF, businesses are being called to step up and make substantial changes to improve their relations with nature. However, many businesses are not fully aware of the extent to which they depend on biodiversity and ecosystems, or of the impact they have on them. Nor are they always able to anticipate the newcoming regulatory approaches and the material risks that they may entail.

The objective of the Biodiversity Basics Webinar was to get organisations up to speed with the fundamentals of biodiversity and the policy landscape. By also exemplyfing actionable changes to preserve biodiversity and resotre natural capital, it aimed to encourage transformative action to future-proof businesses.

Business as usual is no longer desireable, nor acceptable. The Biodiversity Basics Webinar is here to help to introduce newcomers to the field of biodiversity to everything they need to know to build a nature positive buisiness. Does your company want to start addressing its impacts on nature, but you lack the know-how on where to begin? Could you do with some guidance to anticipate new regulations and material risks? 

Take a look at the RECORDING of the webinar that took place on April 6th

The next session will take place on June 8th, stay tunned to the newsletter! 


Publication date
3 April 2023
Directorate-General for Environment