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Business & Biodiversity

The EU Business & Biodiversity Platform provides a unique forum for dialogue and policy interface to discuss the links between business and biodiversity at EU level.

European Business & Biodiversity Platform

The EU Business & Biodiversity Platform provides a unique forum for dialogue and policy interface to discuss the links between business and biodiversity at EU level.

Bridging Business and Biodiversity: Why a Thriving Natural World is Essential for Business Success

Biodiversity is the backbone of our economy and the key to a sustainable future for businesses. However, many businesses remain unaware of their dependence on and impact on biodiversity. From natural resources and services to climate regulation and economic stability, biodiversity is essential for all life on Earth. Through the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform, businesses can learn about the importance of biodiversity and develop strategies to move towards a nature-positive future, benefiting both their operations and the planet.

Through the EU B&B Platform, business and finance have a unique opportunity to redesign their relationship with nature and identify actions to move towards a nature-positive world.


What we offer to businesses

No matter where you are on your biodiversity journey, the Platform offers support based on your needs! 

We help business to Assess, Commit, Transform and Disclose their relationship with nature. We do this through four different type of activities: 


Through the provision of educational webinars, the Platform endeavours to increase business understanding of their impacts and dependencies on nature. 


The Platform aims to raise awareness among a critical mass of business in Europe, and help them understand how to take their first steps on biodiversity.


The Platform aims to guide business through the complex landscape of policies, initiatives, tools and methods to assess their impacts and dependencies.


Business transformation should be celebrated. The Platform collaborates with leading companies and showcases inspiring business examples.

Latest news

Science-Based Targets for Nature
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The Science-Based Targets for Nature are here!

Science-Based Targets for Nature are now unveiled! This release is a transformative endeavour that will redefine the way organizations safeguard our natural world. Stay ahead, dive into the SBTN today!

Key actions companies can take to signal they are making meaningful contributions to help reverse nature loss: (A) ASSESS: Measure, value and prioritise your impacts and dependencies on nature, (C) COMMIT: Set transparent, time-bound, specifica and science-based targets, (T) TRANSFORM: Avoid and reduce negative impacts, restore and regenerate, shift business models and advocate for policy ambition. (D) DISCLOSE: Track performance and prepare to report material nature-related information.
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Take your next green step with the High-level Business Actions on Nature

To help you understand your untapped potential, you may take guidance from the High-level Business Actions on Nature. Crafted by leading organizations dedicated to reversing nature loss, these actions provide a clear pathway for your business to make a meaningful difference.

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Biodiversity Basics Webinar - Get up to speed!

Embrace the greener side of business! Join our Biodiversity Basics Webinar on June 8th 13:00 – 14:00 CET, where we'll help your company navigate its impact on nature and anticipate new regulations and material risks. Hop on to this opportunity to kickstart your biodiversiy journey!

EBNS 2023
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Save the Date for the 2023 European Business & Nature Summit!

It is time to transform business for a nature positive society! Join the European Business and Nature Summit on October 11-12 in Palazzo Lombardia, Milan, Italy. Be part of the business for biodiversity movement, shaping a sustainable future for all.

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Unveiling Biodiversity-Impact Sectors

Discover the top biodiversity-impact sectors unveiled by groundbreaking footprinting tools. A pilot multi-tool study reveals that 250 companies in the MSCI World Index may be responsible for 73% of its biodiversity impact. Learn more about how investors can drive transformative change.

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