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Here is what you can expect by registering for EMAS:

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To help the tourism industry in its green recovery, the EU is promoting EMAS for the tourism sector. The campaign will boost the visibility of EMAS-registered organisations with tour operators, relevantassociations and consumers. This will give you a competitive advantage and help you recover sustainably from the Covid-19 crisis.

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EMAS increases the credibility and visibility of your environmental commitment and improves your image. A systematic approach to environmental management, verification by an independent environmental verifier and annual environmental reporting make EMAS transparent and reliable.

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Potential for innovation

Because it deeply integrates environmental thinking into business processes, EMAS creates potential for innovation.

For EMAS, interaction and dialogue with stakeholders is very important inproviding different perspectives and impetus for improvement. The EMAS community is active in creating opportunities for networking with other stakeholders.

Take a look at the EMAS Sustainable Tourism factsheet

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  • Directorate-General for Environment

Since 1999, EMAS has been helping tourism organisations improve their environmental performance. Tourism activities have an environmental impact in multiple different areas, so they can particularly benefit from EMAS’s overarching yet effective environmental management approach.