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Here is what you can expect by choosing EMAS:

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A comprehensive approach

EMAS is not limited to tourist accommodation but can be applied to various activities in the sector such as transport, food and beverage, cultural activities, among others.

Furthermore, EMAS helps organisations identify environmental “hot spots” along the value chain and work with their suppliers to minimise the overall environmental impact caused by tourism.

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Credibility and transparency

Given the proliferation of voluntary initiatives for sustainable tourism, who do you know you can trust? EMAS is recognised by authorities and the business community as the most credible system.

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You are safe from greenwashing

EMAS guarantees an environmental commitment you can trust. A systematic approach to environmental management, verification by an independent environmental verifier and annual environmental reporting makeEMAS registered choices fully reliable.

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Continuous improvement

EMAS works on a three-year registration period with yearly verifications, meaning it requires continuous progress.

This stimulates organisations to take a consistent approach to continually improve their offer.

Are you an expert on environmentally friendly tourism, around the board? Do you know the ins-and-outs of all the other sectors involved in delivering eco-friendly holidays? We challenge you to put your knowledge to the test by taking our quiz!

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