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Green Business

The European Business & Biodiversity Platform works with EU companies and other interested stakeholders to help them assess, commit, transform and disclose their relationship with nature to foster the transition to a nature positive society. 

Many businesses, from micro-enterprises to multinationals with large supply chains, rely on natural resources and healthy ecosystems. The decline of biodiversity puts their business at risk, as well as their financial investors. 

For who?

The Platform engages directly with its corporates, including SMEs, financial institutions and business networks to co-create solutions and turn risks into opportunities.  Our activities target different groups of organisations. 

SMEs illustration

SMEs represent the backbone of the European economy. Despite their often limited resources they proof to be innovative and agile. SMEs need specific tools tailored to their needs that are practical and accessible.

Corporate illustration

By calculating their impacts on biodiversity and investing in nature, corporates can identify new opportunities, respond to consumer demand for responsible behaviour, comply with regulation, and save costs. The Platform helps corporates navigate the landscape of biodiversity tools, guidance and trends.

Financial institutions illustration

Redirecting financial flows towards nature-positive activities is imperative. Financial institutions can play a catalysing role to accelerate the transition to a nature positive society.

Business networks illustration

The Platform is a network of networks focusing on sharing best practices, building capacity and foster synergies to avoid duplication.

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