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EU Green Public Procurement Helpdesk

The main aim of the Helpdesk is to provide timely and accurate answers to stakeholders' enquiries, and to promote and disseminate information on green public procurement. It is accessible to all interested parties within the EU and the EEA such as companies, public authorities, environmental groups, academic researchers, trade unions and the general public. 

Stakeholders can send their questions or feedback with the form below, or by calling the Helpdesk.

Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00 CE(S)T

Tel: +49 761 368 920

Questions sent to the Helpdesk are welcome in English, French or German.

The GPP News Alert – a newsletter covering the latest news on green procurement in the EU plus a selection of good practice examples to illustrate how GPP can be done in practice – is also part of the Helpdesk service. To receive the latest news, subscribe to the News Alert

The EU GPP Helpdesk is currently operated by ICLEI in cooperation with AEIDL on behalf of the European Commission, Environment DG.

Contact the EU GPP Helpdesk