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Green Public Procurement Advisory Group & National Action Plans

Green Public Procurement Advisory Group

The GPP Advisory Group is an expert group composed of representative of the EU Member States and the following stakeholders: Business Europe, UEAPME (small and medium enterprises association), European Environment Bureau/BEUC (European Consumer Organisation), ICLEI.

The role of the Group is to provide advice to the European Commission on the development and implementation of GPP policies.

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Green Public Procurement National Action Plans

In 2003, the European Commission in its Communication on Integrated Product Policy (IPP) encouraged Member States to draw up publicly available National Action Plans (NAPs) for greening their public procurement.

The NAPs should contain an assessment of the existing situation and ambitious targets for the next three years, specifying what measures will be taken to achieve them. The NAPs are not legally-binding but provide political impetus to the process of implementing and raising awareness of greener public procurement. They allow Member States to choose the options that best suit their political framework and the level they have reached.

A table summarising the situation of the NAPs is available in Circabc.