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Green Business

European Business and Nature Summit

On our way to COP16: Are business ready to deliver on the commitments from the Global Biodiversity Framework?

The European Business & Nature Summit (EBNS) stands as the foremost European high-level political and technical forum, dedicated to mobilizing the business community towards achieving nature-positive. With each passing year, the EBNS has expanded its reach, establishing itself as the flagship event on business and nature for the European Commission. It has consistently proven to be a pivotal platform for in-depth discussions on pressing issues and emerging trends, elevating the discourse to new heights. By fostering collaboration and engagement, the summit paves the way for transformative action, ensuring that businesses and nature intertwine harmoniously for a sustainable future.

The Summit centres around catalysing transformative actions that businesses can undertake to effectively implement biodiversity targets, thereby spearheading the transition towards a nature-positive society. By bringing together influential leaders, policymakers, and forward-thinking industry experts, the event facilitates high-level policy and business dialogues that drive meaningful change. Additionally, businesses stand to gain significant benefits through a diverse range of practical sessions tailored to specific sectors and business requirements. These sessions empower companies to make tangible progress in their journey towards embracing nature positivity. They encompass critical aspects such as monitoring, assessing, and disclosing biodiversity; reducing environmental impacts and regenerating ecosystems; unlocking and mobilizing financial resources through innovative mechanisms; and forging inclusive partnerships to expedite action. Through this comprehensive approach, the Summit empowers businesses to take decisive steps and make a lasting impact on the path to a sustainable future.

Last year's highly anticipated edition of the EBNS was held on October 11-12 at the prestigious Palazzo Lombardia in Milan, Italy. The event offered an exceptional opportunity to gain insights into concrete actions that can be taken to align with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, and to begin working towards target specifications in the upcoming COP16.