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News article13 January 2023Directorate-General for Environment

Have your say about the EU B@B Platform’s new priorities for 2023

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As a new year begins, the EU B@B Platform embarks on a new phase marking a decade of operations. The European Commission is now ready to launch Phase 5 of the EU B@B Platform, a critical stage in the journey towards the institutionalization of biodiversity.

Under its new phase, the EU B@B Platform will strengthen its efforts to mobilise a ‘critical mass’ of business actors in Europe and beyond, building on the progress made to date and continue to innovate to engage with new players and trigger actions. 

As the Platform team is building a new plan of activities, it invites you to express your needs and expectations by filling out this short survey available clicking the button below. Your input will be crucial in identifying the priorities that the B@B Platform should set for 2023 and understand the critical needs of business and finance.

                                                       Click here to complete the survey

Besides the new activities, the Platform’s multi-faceted mission will continue to: 

  • Actively seek out new businesses, financial institutions and support networks to onboard them on their biodiversity journey, raising their awareness and knowledge about the impacts, risks and opportunities related to biodiversity
  • Strengthen the common understanding and unlocking the leveraging power of EU financial institutions by enabling well-informed EU business and sector engagement
  • Address the key technical and organisational bottlenecks faced by businesses and financial institutions to progress on their biodiversity journey

It will also engage with its partners to develop a unifying framework for actions capable of ratcheting up progress of companies, particularly post-COP15. We are counting on you as an active player in the business for biodiversity movement and look forward to continuing working together on restorative and cautious biodiversity pathways. Keep in touch and share your ideas and actions with us! 


Publication date
13 January 2023
Directorate-General for Environment