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8th Global Procurement Conference

University of Rome Tor Vergata, with the School of Economics and with the support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is organising the 8th World Conference on Public Procurement, which will take place on 6 and 7 July at Villa Mondragone in Rome.

The conference seeks to highlight the global implications of joint decisions on what is bought, how and for whom in the public domain. The event will bring together experts from international financial institutions and regulatory bodies, policy makers, economists, engineers, lawyers and purchasers to discuss issues related to innovation, competitiveness, sustainability and the regulation of public procurement around the world.

The following topics will be discussed during the conference: Procuring Food; Procuring Consultancy Services; Competitive Dialogue; Digitalizing Sustainable Procurement; Gender aspects in Procurement; and Firms Training in Procurement.

Programme here

  • green public procurement | social rights | food industry
  • Thursday 6 July 2023, 08:30 - Friday 7 July 2023, 14:30 (CEST)
  • Italy
  • External event

Practical information

Thursday 6 July 2023, 08:30 - Friday 7 July 2023, 14:30 (CEST)
Villa Mondragone, Rome

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