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Green Business

Funding opportunities

The European Commission strongly supports the uptake of EMAS through awareness-raising activities among organisations, stakeholders and the general public. This includes not only promotional activities, such as the organisation of events and the publication of information material, but also the co-funding of innovative EMAS projects through the LIFE Programme.

Individual Member States may provide additional funding opportunities for EMAS uptake. The 2015 Compendium on EMAS Promotion & Policy Support in the Member States gives some examples. Find out more by contacting your national Competent Body .

The LIFE Programme

LIFE, the Financial Instrument for the Environment, introduced in 1992, is one of the spearheads of the European Union's environmental policy. It co-finances projects in three areas: LIFE-Environment, LIFE-Nature and LIFE-Third Countries. The programme is open to all EU countries, some candidate countries and some third countries bordering the south of the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea.

LIFE-Environment actions aim to implement Community environmental policy and legislation in the EU and candidate countries. One focus of this section of the programme is to fund of innovative projects directed at the implementation of environmental management systems and in particular EMAS.

The deadline for proposal submission is usually the autumn of each year; with the Commission selecting projects to be co-funded in summer of the following year. For more information on the LIFE programme see the LIFE website.