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EU Commission recognizes ECOPROFIT's compliance with EMAS requirements.

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EMAS for Sustainable Tourism

EMAS for Sustainable Tourism campaign has been launched, making it easy to plan an unforgettable yet sustainable summer holiday.

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EMAS and Biodiversity

Biodiversity is one of the key areas of EMAS and holds significant importance in environmental reporting. To facilitate its integration into the corporate strategy the “EMAS and Biodiversity” guide has been revised.

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ReSet the Trend and EMAS

The Commission’s ReSet the Trend campaign aims to raise awareness of the high impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the climate crisis. Two EMAS companies in the textile sector are featured to show inspiring stories of change.

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New 2023 EMAS Guidance

The new ‘EMAS Guidance 2023 – How to address biodiversity protection through environmental management systems’ is now available in the Resources section on the platform for easy access.

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Webinar Summary: The EMAS Social Media Campaign 2023

How are you tackling the current #ECOchallenge to become an #EMAShero? Share your stories and solutions on your social media channels between May 30 and June 9 to inspire, connect and increase our impact on the green transition!
Find all the material in this article.

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EMAS and the Green Claims initiative

The Commission’s new Proposal for a Directive on Green Claims aims to tackle greenwashing and make environmental labeling reliable, comparable, and verifiable. EMAS is supported as a credible environmental scheme.