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EMAS in action

Find out about the process of applying and registering with EMAS, the actors involved, and how the scheme relates to other labels. 


The EMAS register is an online database hosted by the European Commission which lists all EMAS registered organisations and sites. Only those organisations and sites that have achieved EMAS registration are listed in the register, so you can feel confident that organisations found there are committed to improving their environmental performance.

Anybody can search the register and download the search results to Excel. You can look for organisations registered in a specific sector by filtering registrations by NACE codes, classifying economic activities. The list of NACE codes is available here. You can also look for the environmental statement of organisations, presenting their annual performance. If the environmental statement of an organisation is not available, we encourage you to contact them directly.

You can also find statistics on EMAS registrations here. These statistics are updated twice a year.

Note: the accuracy of the data provided in the Register is dependent on the information submitted by the individual EU Member States.

For more information on country-specific figures, please contact the national Competent Body


Please note that you are now leaving the official EMAS website, as the EMAS Register is part of another domain.

EMAS Clubs

EMAS Clubs are private non-profit associations on a regional level, composed of EMAS registered organisations and other EMAS stakeholders connected through a common interest for environmental best practices. An EMAS Club is a voluntary bottom-up initiative that allows its members to enjoy numerous advantages.

EMAS Global

Check out EMAS Global, if you have sites based outside of Europe!



EMAS logo

The EMAS logo is a visual communication and marketing tool designed to highlight an organisation’s dedication to continually improving its environmental performance.

The logo may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by both EMAS-registered organisations and public stakeholders (such as Competent Bodies and Accreditation and Licensing Bodies).

The use of the logo raises awareness of EMAS to the public and interested parties and organisations seeking to improve their environmental performance. Importantly, the logo also signals legal compliance, local accountability, active employee involvement, reliability and credibility of the environmental achievements.



Costs of EMAS registration

Several variables, including the size (micro, small, medium or large) and type (public or private) of organisations and the region in which they are registered, influence the costs of implementing EMAS. The following three categories of costs can be distinguished:

  1. Internal fixed costs: these are assumed to be unrelated to staff numbers and entail
    • Validation and verification fees
    • Registration fees
    • Fixed costs of adding the EMAS logo to stationery and producing publicity material.
  2. Internal variable costs: relate to the internal resources required to implement the scheme and are affected by organisation size, number of employees and other variables.
  3. External costs: are incurred by employing external expertise – such as a consultant - to support EMAS implementation and reporting.

In-depth information on benefits and costs is available in the ‘Study on the Costs and Benefits of EMAS to Registered Organisations’ here.

EMAS reporting

EMAS in the European Institutions

Find out everything about the EMAS registered European Institutions here .

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